A Joint Venture of New Media Access & Partners in Effective Philanthropy


Does your organization need help launching or expanding your social media presence? 

Nonprofits and small businesses turn to The Tweeting for Dollars Project™

for cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs.



  • Development of a social media campaign to expand your organization’s base of support

  •  Assessment of your social media readiness, including:

√Analysis of Web 2.0 presence (website, e-mail communications, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

√Evaluation of social media staffing

√Review of social media planning and technology 

  •    Preparation of social media plans and policies
  •  Social media content development
  • Social Media Training


If your organization is already overworked and understaffed,

 try our contractual social media management services.


 Tweeting for Dollars Project™   

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