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Hello Laura,

 I am so grateful that I attended your workshop on Building Strong Relationships with Foundations last Thursday morning. It prompted a significant paradigm shift for me. I walked into the workshop viewing myself as “the person who writes Family Matters grants.” I left seeing my work as a conduit through which my organization can build healthy (and mutually beneficial) relationships with foundations.

 It was valuable for me to understand better the foundation’s perspective; what was equally valuable was being understood by someone who is familiar with the dynamics on both sides of donor-grantee relationship. I joked with Kim, our Executive Director, that while I’m not looking forward to that next rejection letter, I do feel more prepared to respond to it. Rather than hearing it as a “no,” I’ll try to view it as as a conduit through which the Family Matters can reach out to the foundation so that we might both experience new and unexpected opportunities. (How about that?!)

The specific guidance and tools that you shared during those two hours were very helpful. I believe that the shift in my thinking that the workshop prompted will be priceless–both for my organization and my own psyche.  

I wish you much continued success in your efforts to make both donors and grantees more effective at the work that we do!



Deputy Director

Family Matters

7731 N. Marshfield

Chicago, IL 60626

P: 773.465.6011, 124

F: 773.465.6425

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“I recently attended “Tweeting for Dollars”, a workshop co-facilitated by Laura Kaufman. As a relatively new Executive Director of a nonprofit, I understand the value of utilizing social networking to spread our message and raise funds. This workshop was an excellent introduction to the various social networking venues (Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc.) and how to work with them to increase our profile and motivate people to become involved in our work. Immediately after the workshop I redesigned parts of our website to highlight our social media sites and to facilitate giving to the organization. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in furthering their mission through the use of social media.” March 22, 2010

Rachel Durchslag , Executive Director , Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

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